Lunes I Creative Studio London
Creative studio based in London

About us

Lunes is a creative studio based in

East London’s Royal Docks


We are an ambitious, friendly and purposefully small studio that embraces both print and digital.

Our size means we move fast and are flexible, always adapting to meet our clients’ needs. But that never means sacrificing on high-quality delivery.

Our base in the Royal Docks means we’re at the heart of one of the most exciting transformation projects in the UK. And so we’re especially keen to work with businesses, organisations and communities locally, and in neighbouring areas in Newham.

If you have a project in mind, drop us a line here.


What’s in a name?

Lunes translates as 'Monday' in the Philippine language Tagalog - a fresh take on mundane Monday.  Above everything, our love for what we do is what keeps us excited and never fearful of Mondays.


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